Data Wranglers pt.1

This term I will take part in a series of workshops entitled ‘Data Wranglers’. This is looking to discover and develop new tools to represent and narrate with data in visual and experiential forms.

Working with Han, Hannah Li and Hayden Anyasi we produced the below work. Words courtesy of Shobhan Shah.

Lifespans & Women in Government

Data sets: Our group worked with 2 data-sets:

  • The average lifespan in the country; and
  • The % of women in the government.

Exhibit: Our exhibit consisted, for each country represented, a long thread terminating in a ballot paper.

  • The length of the thread was proportional to the lifespan. Threads extending from a wall, above, down to the ground (like life may ultimately end with a person being six-feet-under).
  • A piece of paper that pinned the thread to the ground was a ballot paper. It was part-brown and part-pink : countries with more women in the government had a larger proportion of pink.

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